Countdown to Peace – an exhibition for WW1

45 days until Armistice

Brothers in Arms

More than 1000 Old Boys, Dons and College Staff served in WW1.  235 of them fell in the War.  Although we tend to concentrate our thoughts on the Fallen, more than 1 in 4 who served survived and went on to live long and productive lives.  However, the psychological trauma and the physical injuries suffered were undoubtedly life-limiting and shortening. Here are three Old Radleians who survived the War: Aidan James (A 1905) and the brothers George Nugee (B 1906) and Andrew Nugee (B 1909)

Aidan James rowed for the VIII in 1908.  On leaving school, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge. He then joined the French Foreign Legion, serving with them in France in 1914-15.  He transferred to the British Army in 1915, serving with the Royal Field Artillery until 1920.  He was wounded twice and was awarded both the Military Cross and the Croix de Guerre.  He continued serving with the Territorials after the War.  In civilian life he married, had two daughters, and was a keen tennis player who competed at Wimbledon. He died in 1930, aged 40. His daughters gave his papers to Radley College Archives in 2011.

Today we feature: Cap and buttons from the uniform of the French Foreign Legion / Régiment Etranger

Cap of the French Foreign Legion, 1914. Belonged to Aidan James