Countdown to Peace – an exhibition for WW1

43 days until Armistice

Heroes and villains

Art and propaganda played a significant role in WW1.  The cartoonists Will Dyson, Bruce Bairnsfather and Louis Raemaekers all witnessed the war at first hand and used their skills to convey a reality that was often suppressed by the governments of both sides.  The Boys’ Own Paper, on the other hand, was full of great deeds for schoolboys to hero-worship.  Radleians featured in the Boys’ Own Paper included the flying ace, Reginald Marix (G 1905) who won the DSO for destroying a Zeppelin base in 1914, and Oswald Austin Reid (G 1910) who won the VC for his defence of the Diala River in 1917.

Today we feature: Kultur cartoons. By Will Dyson. London 1915. Will Dyson was an Australian illustrator and political cartoonist. Dyson covered the war for the Australian Government and Australian newspapers, and he produced some of the finest war-time cartoons. Given by Simon Heneage-Walker (G 1943) 2010