Countdown to Peace – an exhibition for WW1

40 days until Armistice

Heroes and villains

Art and propaganda played a significant role in WW1.  The cartoonists Will Dyson, Bruce Bairnsfather and Louis Raemaekers all witnessed the war at first hand and used their skills to convey a reality that was often suppressed by the governments of both sides.  The Boys’ Own Paper, on the other hand, was full of great deeds for schoolboys to hero-worship.

Today we feature: Marix bombs the zeppelin sheds at Düsseldorf, October 1914.  Zeppelin raids on mainland Britain brought a new dimension to the war.  At Radley, boys were deployed on zeppelin watch to warn of any threat. Marix was the first pilot to destroy a zeppelin, a morale-boosting feat which won him the Distinguished Service Order.