Countdown to Peace – an exhibition for WW1

10 days until Armistice

‘The poets are waiting’

Today we feature: ‘Young England’ by ‘Douglas Strong’, published posthumously 1919. Desmond Cancellor (C 1912) became Senior Prefect in 1916. He wrote ‘Young England’ whilst convalescing from wounds received in 1917. He returned to the Front in October 1918, won the Military Cross and was killed one week later on 1 November 1918.

 The novel is a thinly disguised description of life at Radley: ‘he was no blind lover of a system under which he had risen to the top; he longed for its reform and this book describes his own constructive policy for change along the lines of re-adjustment between games and work, body and brain, but it went beyond and touched the spiritual life of the school. There lay his deepest discontent.’ (From the preface by Cyril Hepher)