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Singletons Diary: The Blog

Robert Singleton was the first Warden of Radley College, and can be considered its co-founder. He kept a comprehensive diary of the early history of the college, beginning on March 5th 1847, when the idea to found it was first decided on.

This project aimed to publish his diary day-by-day, working from the originals and the transcripts held by Radley College, and to provide annotations where possible.

This was the first time the diary had been published in its entirety, though some abridged sections had previously been made available online. The plan was for entries to be published on a day-by-day basis as they appeared in the diary, with some particularly long entries (such as the very first one) split into two or three parts.

The first sections of the diary were transcribed into electronic form in 2008 and the remaining material was published daily between 2009 and 2011.

The transcript was edited by Clare Sargent, and the site maintained by Andrew Gray, both, at that time of Radley College. The explanatory articles, etc, are unsigned, and were mostly written by Clare Sargent with the remainder by Andrew Gray. Contributions, corrections, or requests for expansion are welcome.


An introduction to the diary
A biography of Singleton
Singleton, Sewell and the ideal of a school: a history of the foundation of St. Columba’s College, and how it led to Radley