29th May, 1847 (Saturday) – Extract from The Oxford Chronicle

Semi-popery in Oxfordshire. Our readers will recollect that we have from time to time drawn public attention, in the columns of the Church and State Gazette to the proceedings at St Columba College, Stackallan, Ireland. We have now, on the authority of an Oxfordshire correspondent, to communicate the astounding fact that the Rev. W. Sewell, of Exeter College, Oxford, has taken, on lease for twenty years, the mansion of Sir George Bowyer, Bart., Radley house, near Abingdon, Berks, and within four miles of the University of Oxford; and that St Columba College, with its warden, Mr Singleton, its fellows, and whole establishment, is to be forthwith removed to this locality, where the practical example of real Popery may prove fatal, as it appears is the case with St Columba, to the attempt at bastard imitation which has been made. The mansion is to be fitted up with the due Anglo-Catholic appendages; and choral services substituted for the simple performance of divine worship most congenial to Protestant ideas. Let the Bishop of Oxford see to this without delay, or we promise him he will afterwards have more work on his hands than will be quite convenient. Compulsory fasting is a part of the discipline of this Romanising establishment. – Church and State Gazette

[We learn on good authority that a matronly lady reached Oxford on Monday evening, who enquired for the residence of the Rev. Mr Sewell, and has come to take the management as dame, as Radley Hall, near Abingdon, where we hear a chapel and dormitory are in the course of erection, under the superintendence of Mr Pugin. The lady has for some years been similarly engaged in a convent at Wexford, Ireland. We give this lady full credit for honesty and consistency, as a Roman Catholic, but what can be said as to the honesty or consistency of men, Protestant in name, – paid from Protestant funds, to teach Protestant doctrine; when found in such an association as this? The law was quick enough in pouncing on Mr Shore, for hasty expressions, or even an orthodox exposition, when rubically out of place. Where is the Bishop of Oxford, the son of the author of Wilberforce’s practical view?]