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TALKS.  The Archivist regularly visits local groups to talk about the College.  Lectures available are ‘The history of Radley College’, ‘Creating a 100-objects project’, ‘Rediscovering a landscape by Capability Brown’ and ‘War Memorials: public schools and the idea of commemoration’.  Other topics can be arranged.  If your group would like to hear any of these talks, please contact Clare Sargent,


Miniature portrait of Arthur Croome inside the front cover


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Members of the school’s Aesthetic Society debated the question ‘does beauty have a place in a utilitarian age’.  They saw the Croome Prize Book as an example of beauty which had paid the price of utility when it became too difficult to maintain.

Members of Cheney Community Over-50s Club enjoyed being introduced to the History of Radley College for an afternoon talk

Archives on the move

The thank you letters from a trip to a primary school feature as object No 18 in 100 Radley objects.  Read them here

Our medieval manuscript left Radley for the first time in 160 years to form the focal point of a talk for the students of our link school, Desborough College.  ‘an illuminating talk much appreciated by our boys, most of whom have never seen anything like it before. Opportunities such as these are priceless.  Thank you’, Bernadette Eaves, Senior Assistant Principal, Desborough College


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Steps to the altar by WE Scudamore, 1880

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Sent all the way from New Zealand by Briain Roper, OR, the copy of ‘Steps to the altar’ by WE Scudamore which George Wharton gave to his grandfather William Roper in 1881.  Gift inscription by George Wharton.


Programmes from the 1950s

A big thank you to Peter Carolin, OR, who sent a collection of programmes from events in the early 1950s.  Especially pleased to receive the Chapel Order of Service to Commemorate King George VI – an event for which we had no other memorabilia.


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Poem from The Radleian, 1909

The honours boards in the Fives court

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100 Radley objects – No. 21 Debate 1918 ‘This House deplores the entry of women into Parliament’.  Our contribution to the celebrations of the centenary of the extension of suffrage to women (over 30) and working-class men on 6 February 1918

100 Radley objects – No. 20 Live-stream 2018: the story of Declamations

Latest article – A brief history of Fives at Radley by former MiC, EW Brooke

The next book by Radley History Club , based in Radley village, will be a history of the manor from its early origins as part of Abingdon Abbey, though the Dissolution of the monastery and the acquisition of the manor by the Stonhouse family, changing approaches to landuse (including Capability Brown‘s work), the Bowyer family and the school’s residence of the estate from 1847.  The College Archivist has been invited to join the project team.


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COMMEMORATING WORLD WAR 1 -Each member of the College community, pupls, teachers and staff, who fell in World War 1 is remembered on the centenary of his death. Read their stories here


RFA Christmas card 1917

Captain of Cricket


Commemorating the Fallen of WW1.

We have received a wonderful donation on permanent loan from the Nugee family – the WW1 papers of Andrew and George Nugee.  Among George’s papers was this unsent Christmas card from the Royal Field Artillery, 1917.

Winning the Victoria Cross. The story of Oswald Reid at the Diala River, 6-10 March 1917. The Cricket Club have created a new medal ‘For best all-round cricketer’ to commemorate the centenary of Captain Oswald Austin Reid winning the Victoria Cross

The story of a surgeon at the Battle of Passchendaele in August 1917 features as part of our commemoration.

The story of the War Memorial is no. 15 in 100 Radley objects