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11th November, 1916

William Hall. Schoolmaster. Chaplain & Naval Instructor, HMS Venerable, Royal Navy. Died on active service.

William Hall taught maths at Radley for just one year in 1889-90. He then taught at Rossall School until 1893, when he left to take Holy Orders. He served as Chaplain and Instructor to the Royal Navy from 1894 until his death on active service in 1916. He was a distinguished mathematician who had graduated as 2nd Wrangler from Cambridge University (King’s College). His naval career utilised his maths and he was the author of several books on navigation: Ex-Meridian Altitude Tables, Modern Navigation, Model Sights, Tables and Constants, and lnman’s Nautical Tables. He was seconded to the Ottoman Navy in 1910 and to the Australian Royal Navy in 1912. He served in the Endymion and the Astraea (1895-98), in the Raleigh (1899), St George (1899-1902), London (1902-4), Aurora (1904-5), Highflyer (1905-6), Britannia (1906-09), and the Collingwood (1911) before his final posting to the Venerable.