Radleians who fell in individual conflicts

Sepoy Rebellion 1857

Melville Balfour (1848). Left 1852, went to Bradfield College. Indian Army. Killed at the Siege of Cawnpore, June 1857

William Sewell(1848). Joined Madras Artillery 1852.  Served in the Sepoy Rebellion 1857, including the capture of Delhi.  Mentioned in despatches.  Invalided 1858, and died on the voyage home, off St Helena, 6th January, 1859.

William Thynne (1849). Left 1851. Rifle Brigade, Captain 1855. Served in the Crimea 1854-55, including the Battle of Alma and Siege of Sebastopol. Died at Lucknow of wounds received during the Sepoy Rebellion, 11th March 1858

Herbert Irons (1849).  Joined East India Company 1857.  Served in four engagements during the Mutiny.  Died of fever in India, 26th May, 1858

North-West Frontier 1860s

William Jennings (1854). Left 1857. Exeter College, Oxford. 2 European Bengal Light Cavalry (afterwards 20 Hussars) 1858. Central India Horse 1860. Killed in action in India, 7th June 1860. The story of the Jennings family and the Sepoy Rebellion can be read here

Hugh Griffiths (1854).  Joined 4th Hussars 1864.  Died, while with the Regiment at Meerut, 22nd June, 1869

2nd New Zealand War (Maori Wars), 1860-6

Alfred Woodward (1852).  Joined 12th Foot 1862.  Served in New Zealand during the 2nd War, 1860-66. Died at sea on board the troopship on which he was returning with his regiment to England, 15th July, 1867

American Civil War 1864

Herbert Janvrin (1849).  Served in the Kertch Expedition, 1855, in 64th Regt, 1857-62.  Served in the Federal Cavalry against the Confederates, USA, 1864.  Died in the Cavalry Hospital, City Point, Virginia, 30th October, 1864

Ashanti War, 1873

Alfred Charteris (1862). Joined 71st Regt, 1869; Coldstream Guards 1871.  Served in the Ashanti War 1873. Died at sea, off the Gold Coast, on his way home, 23rd Nov. 1873

1St Sudan War, 1882

Henry Howard-Vyse (1872). Left 1877. University College, Oxford. RMC Sandhurst. 20 Foot 1880; 60 Rifles 1880. Lt 1881. In Transvaal War 1881; in Egyprian War 1882. Killed in action at Ramleh, near Alexandria, 5th August 1882 – the first British officer to lose his life in this war

On active service, Africa 1890s

Harry Dunning DSO (1874). Left 1878. RMC Sandhurst. 7 Foot 1881; Captain Royal Fusiliers 1888. With Egyptian Army 1885-1893; Assistant Commissioner in Uganda 1894-1985. Died of wounds received in Unyoro, Uganda, 9th March 1895

Hugh Morrell (1886). Joined Cheshire Regt 1894; died on board SS Lagos, on passage to West Africa, 14th March, 1898

Maurice Bell (1887).  Joined Belgian Congo Service 1898.  ‘Killed while on a punitive expedition in Congo Territory, 21st January 1899’  

Volunteer service, 1890s

Lawrence Holland (1863). Coffee-planting in Ceylon, 1875-80; Assist. Sec. National Portrait Gallery 1883-93; Captain in the Post Office Volunteers, died at Aldershot, from the effects of sunstroke while on manoeuvres, 15th Aug 1893

Second South African War, 1900-1902. 

Group war memorial


Theodore Martin-Leake (1892). Joined Royal Engineers 1899.  Drowned off the Dorset coast owing to an accident to the ‘Thrasher’ military balloon in which he was sailing, 28th May, 1907

World War 1, 1914-1918

Group war memorial


Chauncy Stigand (1891). Left 1893. Royal West Kent Regiment 1899. Major. with King’s African Rifles 1902-8; with Egyptian Army from 1910. Governor Upper Nile Province 1916. Author of books on East Africa and Abyssinia. Killed in action in the Sudan, 8th December 1919

Ireland, 1920s

Geoffrey Compton-Smith (1903).  Sandhurst 1909; Royal Welch Fusiliers 115; temporary Lieutenant-Colonel 1916-19; served in France, 1914-19.  Three times mentioned in despatches, DSO, Chevalier Legion d’Honneur. Brevet-major. Killed in Dublin, April 1921

Leslie Edmunds (1888).  Chief Inspector, Congested Districts Board for Ireland.  Killed in Galway, July 1922

World War 2, 1939-1945

Group war memorial

National Service, post-1945

Alan Whittaker (1948).  Killed in a flying accident during training at RAF College Cranwell, October 1955.  His photograph was added at the end of the third volume of World War 2 War Memorial photographs.

Korea 1951

John Firth (1944). RMA Sandhurst. 2nd Lt, Royal Engineers. Killed in Korea, 1st December 1951

Cyprus 1956

Louis Dick (1942). Royal Marines. Killed in Cyprus, 9th May 1956

Northern Ireland, 1979

David Blair (1952). Lt Col, Queen’s Own Highlanders. Killed in Northern Ireland, 1979

Falklands 1982

David Balfour (1958). Lt Commander Royal Navy. Killed in the Falkland Islands, 1982

Afghanistan 2000s

Rupert Thorneloe ((1983). Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. Killed in Afghanistan, 1st July 2009

Douglas Dalzell MC (1996). Lt, Coldstream Guards. Killed in Afghanistan, 18th February 2010