Obituary Archibald Ronald Armadale Macdonald (C Social 1894)

12th June 1901


IT is with very great regret that we have to record the death of the Hon. A. R. A. Macdonald . He was born in May, 1880, and came to Radley in the Michaelmas Term of 1894, and left at the end of the Summer Term in 1898. He rowed in the Second Social Boat, which was head of the Second Boats that year, and also just missed getting into the Second Eight, Gethin, who rowed seven for Merton in the races of the following year, just securing the place. Perhaps his chief characteristic was his curiously young and simple nature, which made him seem far younger than he was, and this, coupled with an almost perfect manner, in spite of a somewhat shy and reticent disposition, secured him many devoted friends. After joining the Militia he obtained a commission in the 9th Lancers, and went out to South Africa to join the regiment. He had only been a very few days at the station when he met his death, falling, like so many others in this war, into an ambush at Krugersdorp. We can but express the deepest regret at so premature a death, and our warmest sympathy with his family.