Virtual School – work and play. 31.3.2020

31 March 2020. Impressive photos today of the Design Engineering Dept hard at work using the 3D printer to make masks for local GP practices. Even their children have been drafted in to help.

Very good to see that the new image for #VirtualRadley is based on our four founding principles: Christianity, Collegiality, Privacy, Aesthetics translated into their modern equivalents – Spiritual, Academic, Pastoral, Co-Curricular. Happy to say that this is also reflected in the structure and content of our 175th anniversary book, due out in 2022. Must get on with that, by the way.

I did receive an excellent piece for my research into the book today from Rev Dave, former chaplain, on the role of Chapel. One of a number of truly moving and revealing responses from Old Radleians who went into full-time ministry.

Helping with other people’s research still goes on, although without access to the archive itself I can’t easily answer all questions. One request for help came from a postdoc in Germany researching networks and looking into the influence of Old Radleian Jonathan Griffin. During World War Two Griffin was Director of BBC European Intelligence – a man with interesting networks! I look forward to reading the work.

Conducted a little data-gathering of my own whilst walking the dog. Someone has been putting little fairy doors on the trees in Little Wood. I found seven today. Believe G Social is involved.

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