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This handlist was produced by Dr Anthony Smith and Dr Michelle Kingston of the National Archives in 2008. A classified summary is below, and a comprehensive Detailed Handlist is also available.

Classified summary of handlist

Printed Radley College Statutes (RC Singleton’s copy); MS registers 1847-99, c1920-39, c1950-59, c1960-79; MS Radley College ‘Rotulus’ 1857-59 (2 rolls in a tube); college trustees’ minute book 1864-97; general purposes committee minutes April 1942; finance committee minute book 1918-26; private ledger c1897-1915; equipment and subscriptions ledger 1926-36; papers relating to college developments, new buildings, etc, c1970-99; MS testimonial letters, etc, 1867-68; miscellaneous collected letters and papers relating to the administration of the college by its wardens (Singleton, Heathcote, Sewell, Norman, Wood, Martin, Wilson, Field, Selwyn, Fox, Ferguson, Wilkes, Milligan and Silk) 1847-1991.

Academic steering committee minute book 1934-37; board of studies minute book and papers 1946-51; copies of tutors’ meetings minutes c1969-2000 and heads of departments’ agendas and minutes 1968-2000; centenary sub-committee minutes 1935-43; minutes, accounts and papers of the games committees 1928-72; amalgamated clubs committee minute book and correspondence 1930-45; college common room minute books 1962-90 and account book 1937; common room resolutions, etc, 1934-36; college shop account books c1878-99.

Printed reports and papers relating to the Capital Development Fund 1964-65; War Memorial funds (1917 and 1943) records (including minutes and accounts) c1917-2006, with letters and papers on financial matters addressed to PD Stewart c1960-79; Dennis Silk Award Trust cash books 1991-94; Radley College Mission minute book 1936-78; Wilson Memorial letter book c1890-1903; Wilson Library minutes and papers 1901-46 and invoice book c1966-68; catalogue of books belonging to the college 1893 and catalogue of the college archives c1950; papers relating to former pupils who are published authors.

Miscellaneous plans, particulars, policies and papers relating to the estate and site at Radley 1884-20th century; inventories, valuations and other papers relating to college furniture, silver, etc, c1930-69.

Miscellaneous papers relating to the chapel and music c1930-2000, including organ book 1986-96, record of organ voluntaries c1976-85 and of the sale of religious books 197-78, visitors’ books for the chapel c1989-91 and the concert hall 1986-99, papers relating to the altar piece, programmes and papers relating to concerts, music competitions and events, notes on results in AEB music examinations 1959-76, specimens of college hymns, praise and chants books, prayer manuals, ‘Radley Sermons’ of David Coulton, ‘Chapel Services and Music’ 1897, etc; musical scores written at the college by Joscelyn Goodwin 1959-62; musical scores for Dons’ Plays c1952-64; scripts of Dons’ Plays and adaptations of plays for performance; other letters and papers relating to Dons’ Plays 20th century, play programmes, etc, mid 20th century and records of dramatic productions c1970-89; papers relating to centenary celebrations 1947, college balls 1986-87, etc.

Registers, minutes, chronicles, diaries and papers relating to college socials (boarding houses) (Crowson’s, Gardiner’s, Lowe’s, Smales’s, Southam’s, Stevenson’s, Stewart’s, Watkins’s, D, E and G Socials, Shell, etc) c1879-1971; record of vital statistics of pupils 1933-37; records of indiscipline and punishments 1853-72; pupil offences or check books 1935-88; punishments book 1936-41; detention book 1988-92; senior prefects’ book 1944-52 and junior prefects’ book mid 20th century; records of HP (? Prefects) meetings 1986-91; ‘Catalogue of Prefects Banners and Shields’ by the Reverend Hope; Upper VI comments book 1967; subject marks book 1874-76; marks book (? R Waye) 1931-36; note of pupil marks and reports c1955; records of scholarships, prize winners and awards c1897-1959; examination lists c1854-1939 and miscellaneous papers relating to public examinations; pupil files c1980-99 and other papers relating to pupils, including examples of pupils’ work (JPR Russell and JM Spirrell) and copies of original writing of distinction by pupils; diaries and news-cuttings relating to pupil visits to Harvard University 1927-28; MS log books of a trip to Wales 1961; lists and papers relating to the residence of boys of Eastbourne College at Radley in the Second World War.

Extensive Boat Club minutes, accounts, log books and papers c1853-1979, with an Evans Memorial Committee minute book 1909-13 (boat house building), Thames Conservancy receipts 1938, MS history of the Boat Club, etc; Hockey Club minute book 1934-67; Radley Swallows RUFC minute books 1929-81 and reports of rugby matches c1912-30; reports, score books and other miscellaneous records relating to Radley Rangers Cricket Club and Radley College Cricket Club 1873-1999; Athletics Club records books 1949-74; minutes and papers of the Southern Counties Athletics Association and the Vale of White Horse Schools Athletics Association c1960-96 ( ? AE Money’s copies); other papers relating to athletics, boxing, golf, gymnastics, hockey, rugby, sailing, soccer, swimming and tennis mainly post World War Two.

Minute books and other records of the Amateur Dramatics Society c1925-78, the Antiquarian Society 1944-52, the Classical Society 1933-39, the Debating Society 1901-46, the Gourmet Society 1978-94, the Grapevine Society c1970-92, the Historical and Archaeological Society 1959-74, the Law Society 1957-63, the Literary Society 1866-1983, the Marionette Society 1940-81, the Music Society 1915-71, the Poetry Society 1946-61, the Political Society 1935-63, the Shakespeare Society 1940-62, the Social Society 1965-83, the Social Service Society 1937-45 and the Trout Fishing Society 1949-92; ‘Radley Naturalist’ June 1936; ‘Radley College Natural History Society: A Report of Observations Made by Members of the Society in the Radley District 1944-49’; minutes, records of debates, etc, of Radley College Union c1960-88; papers relating to the college industry committee and conferences c1980-89 and to surveys of college societies 1967.

Radleian Society records c1850-2005, including Year Books 1897-1929, minute book 1887-1910, meetings papers 1908-10, minutes and papers 1929-37, lists, rules, etc, 1890-1939, accounts c1887-1943, bank book 1932-40, bank statements and financial papers c1990-2005, papers relating to fund raising, mission social service fetes, prizes, Wilson Library, Wilson Portrait Fund, Land Fund 1930, War Memorial 1943, anniversary 1997, etc; notes by the Reverend Hope about Old Radleian days and dinners 1929-39, with menu lists; accounts, minutes and reports of the Friends of Radley College c1970-91.

Archivist’s correspondence and working papers c1971-2006 (AE Money); correspondence and papers relating to AK Boyd’s history of Radley College published in 1947; letters and papers relating to the college’s associations with the First World War and the Second World War, to the invasion scare 1940 and to reminiscences of Radley College 20th century; working papers connected with the biographical details of former Radleians, L Smith’s history of Kennington parish, a television programme on public schools c1980, arms, shields and other subjects 20th century.

Radley College Officer Training Corps record books 1909-45 and copies of letters sent c1920-30 and Combined Cadet Force inspection papers 1954-84; Rotulis Militaris of Radley College 1915-18; papers relating to military service by former pupils, including cards recording awards of decorations, mentions in despatches and those killed or wounded, MS nominal lists of service, prisoners of war, the missing, etc, of both World Wars and MS list of Radleians in the regular army c1948.

Correspondence and papers of and relating to William Sewell, including correspondence with Singleton and others 1847-53, letters to Angela Burdett-Coutts c1845-48 and sermon notes c1854-59, commonplace books 1858, etc, notes on Biblical matters, etc (evidently by or associated with Sewell); correspondence and papers of the Reverend James Baker c1849-51; miscellaneous papers of Warden Heathcote 1850-52; personal and family papers of William Wood (1829-1919), including papers relating to the Sewell crisis 1860-61 and Wood’s resignation 1868-71, MS verses 1847, Greek and Latin compositions 1860 and ‘Black Notebook’ or record of events 1847-70, with papers of and relating to the Moorsom family, including letters of William Sewell 1852-73, letters of Mrs Moorsom 1866, etc; letters of CAP and GH Talbot to the Hon G Talbot in India 1856-57; letters of Wilfrid Raikes while a schoolboy at Radley 1906-11, with letters of William Sewell and HTT West to members of the Raikes family 1853-72; David Strachen’s Radley letters 1952-56; MS remarks on Singleton’s journal by SH Reynolds 1896; MS diaries of C Wigan 1877 and J Rolls 1931-34; log or journal of an Atlantic crossing (? by FJ Nugee) 1930; address book of the Reverend JF Hobson; MS verse record of a holiday 1922-23; other MS material, including a volume endorsed ‘EEC James ‘’The Bookshelf 1848’’’.

Copies and extracts, diaries or journals of Warden Singleton 1847-48 (with conclusion 1874) and Warden Wood 1855-67, reminiscences, correspondence and papers of Warden Sewell 1841-74, the Godley papers (letters of Lord Kilbracken) 1857-61, the Talbot letters 1856-57 and Stonhouse family papers, with items relating to St Columba’s, Rathfarnham; sale catalogue of the property of the Reverend George Wharton 1926; printed memoir of the Reverend George Wharton by Roscoe Beddoes 1931 and reminiscences of William Oliver; ‘Facetia’ (Radley Essays) 1869; JP Saushell’s ‘Radleiana’ 1937-41; printed books by and relating to William Sewell.

Printed Radley College ‘Rotulus’ late 19th century (several volumes); printed copies, The Radleian 1864-2000, Radley Register 1847-1947, The Old Radleian 1966-2000, The Grey Book 1929-34 and The Eastbournian 1940-44; printed college calendars from 1861; printed Eastbourne College pupil lists c1940-45; copies of college magazines (Meander, Psylosis, Stream, The Petreian, etc) 20th century.

Extensive photograph albums, loose and framed photographs and slides relating to the college and site (prefects, pupils, staff, common room, socials, site and mansion, teams and boat club, boat clubhouse building, musical and dramatic performances, chapel, choir and orchestra, drill and OTC, OAC Peachcroft Centre, etc) c1850-2006, with some relating to other places, including Rome c1850 and Egypt 1986.

Sketch book of Eliza Kent of Radley Hall 1830; sketch of deer in Radley Hall Park 1840; album of verses and sketches by dons at Radley College mainly c1883-89; The Radley Portfolio (eight etchings by EJ Burrow); post cards, news cuttings, video-film, compact discs (including a history of Radley College by AE Money 2003), water-colours and printed books relating to the history of the college and education; prospectus of Radley Hall School c1819.