My Virtual School – frustrations. 4.4.2020

4 April 2020. First frustration is realising that somewhere I’ve slipped on the dates and most of this diary is one day behind itself. But not all of it. So for 4 read 5 April today. Do I skip to the right date leaving some future historian to ponder the missing (destroyed? censored? page fell out?) day? And which one was it? Every historian needs a pedantry quiz.

Second frustration was the verdammnit iPad. RC has claimed the domain name. You must change you Apple ID to access the Cloud. Yes, I know. You must do it before tomorrow. Yes, I know. You should have done this 60 days ago. Yes, I know. I did try 60 days ago but it wouldn’t accept my alternate email address – because it is already your alternate email address, pick another one. I don’t have another one you …  machine. And I don’t have time (60 days ago) to fuss with this just now. You didn’t do this 30 days ago – so we have changed your log-in for now, please change your email address. OK. Enter your new email. OK. Enter the password for your existing email. Forgot it, please send set up for a new password. Verification failure. You must change your access before tomorrow. Verification failure. Ad infinitum. Eventually resort to setting up an entirely new gmail account to start again. Please verify your security questions. No, there hasn’t been any request to set any up but here are a selection of possible questions. Try giving existing answers. Verification failure. 90 minutes later and still no idea whether or not I can access any of my work-based Cloud items via my work-supplied iPad via my no longer valid work-based email address which I shouldn’t be accessing anyway because I am furloughed but which needs to be sorted out because it is all time sensitive. Just hope the book I’ve ordered for my Kindle app actually turns up when it is published on Monday. Which is all I’m really interested in today.

Apparently some idiots who lacked an education in critical thinking and basic biology have been attacking G5 mobile masts believing there is a link to COVID-19. I can empathise.

Silver linings. The Queen spoke to the UK and Commonwealth this evening. A polished performance delivering an excellent speech without any hesitation or political posturing. And hunting for jigsaws yesterday we came across half a bottle of Carex hand-wash. Treasure!

© Clare Sargent