Radleians serving in the Boer War, 1899-1902

from The Radleian magazine…

31st October 1899

The following O.R.s are either going to or have already started to take part in the military movements in South Africa :- O. W. H. Crichton, 10th Hussars; H. R M. Bourne, K.O.B.; J. W. Jeffreys, Durham L.I.; E. A. T. Bayley and Hon. C. R C. Hill, Welsh Fusiliers; G. L. Crossman, W. Yorkshire Regiment; J. R Wethered, Gloucestershire Regiment, attached to Duke of Cornwall’s L.I.; C. N. North, RE.; Hon. C. E. Craven, Scots Guards; Capt. the Hon. H. Yarde-Buller, Rifle Brigade; H. L. Wethered, attached to Dublin Fusiliers; G. H. Barnett, 60th Regiment; H. J. S. Stanton,. Northumberland Fusiliers.

 30th November 1899

The following O.R.s are believed to be either going or gone out to South Africa :- Lieut. G. A. Howard-Vyse, Liverpool Regiment. Capt. and Brevet-Major A. J. King (of K. O. Royal Lancaster) on Staff. J. S. Burra, 2nd Lieut. Royal Dublin Fusiliers. J. H. Bradshaw, Natal Border Rifles, 9th Brigade, Major-General on Staff. Colonel (Local Major-General) E. R. P. Woodgate, C.B., C.M.G. J. E. Leigh, Lieut., 2nd Royal Warwickshire. Capt. E. Streatfield, 2nd Gordons

18th December 1899

 Hon. C. R. C. Hill, 2nd Lieut. Welsh Fusiliers, seconded for service with Mounted Infantry in South Africa.

5th March 1900

Maj.-Gen. Sir E. R. P. Woodgate, K.C.M.G., C.B., commanding Brigade. Wounded at Spion Kop.

Lieut. R. W. St. L. Gethin, RA., 14th Battalion. Wounded at Tugela Battle; Dec. 15. Returned home.

2nd Lieut. J. C. Scott, 1st Argyll and Suth. Highlanders. Wounded at Magersfontein.

2nd Lieut. T. G. Gibson, Inniskilling Dragoons. Wounded in action near Rensberg with General French.

2nd Lieut. Hon. C. R. C. Hill, attached to Mounted Infantry with General French.

Lieut. C. N. North, R.E., in lines of communication of General French.

Lieut. J. R. Wethered, Gloucester Regiment,  with Lord Roberts.

Lieut. H. L. Wethered, attached to 1st Dublin Fusiliers, lines of communication, General Buller.

2nd Lieut. J. S. Burra, 1st Dublin Fusiliers, lines of communication with General Buller.

Lieut. G. L. Crossman, West Yorkshire Regiment. with General Hildyard at Chieveley.

2nd Lieut. R M. T. Gillson, Wiltshire Regiment.

Lieut. G. A. Howard-Vyse, 1st Liverpool Regiment, in Ladysmith.

Capt. and Brevet Maj. A. J. King, K. O. Royal Lanc., on Staff of Sir A. Hunter, Ladysmith.

Lieut. J. Egerton-Leigh, 2nd Royal Warwick.

Capt. E. Streatfeild, 2nd Gordons, Adjutant, Ladysmith.

Capt. A. P. Mark-Wardlaw, Sussex Regiment.

2nd Lieut. H.J.S.Stanton, Northumberland Fusiliers, with General Gatacre.

Lieut. C. W. H. Crichton, 10th Hussars, with General French.

Lieut. H. R. M. Bourne, 1st Royal Scots.

Capt. the Hon. H. Yarde Buller, Rifle Brigade, on Staff of General Lyttelton.

Lieut. C. H. Palmer, 2nd Worcestershire Regiment.

Lieut. H. K. Utterson, 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment.

Capt. H. W. P. Waters, 1st South Lanc. Regiment

Woodgate’s Brigade, Spion Kop: H. Bradshaw, Natal Rifles (?), Ladysmith.

Lieut. A. T. Beckwith, attached to Mounted Infantry with General Buller.

2nd Lieut. E. A. T. Bayly, Welsh Fusiliers, with General Buller, Barton’s Brigade.

2nd Lieut. E, W. Macdonald, K. O. Scottish Borderers.

2nd Lieut. J. W. Jeffreys, Durham L.I., Lyttelton’s Brigade.

2nd Lieut. R. H. Darwin, 1st Yorkshire Regiment, with General French.

2nd Lieut. T. N. F. Davenport, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, Sir W. Gatacre.

Lieut. H. F. Hardman, 2nd Somerset L.L, with General Buller, Hildyard’s Brigade.

Lieut. P. Mark Wardlaw, 2nd Somerset L.L, with General Buller, Hildyard’s Brigade.

H. D. Oxenden, Imperial Yeomanry.

B. Peachey, Imperial Yeomanry.

H. Day, C.L.V.

C. Fitzclarence, C.L.V. Bicycle Corps.

G. Green-Wilkinson, C.LV. Bicycle Corps.

2nd Lieut. E. Fraser, 2nd South Lane. Fusiliers. Killed at Spion Kop.

Capt. R. E. Watts, Oxfordshire L.I., KelIy-Kenny’s Division. Wounded in pursuit of Cronje, Feb. 16.

B. O. Mitford, Imperial Yeomanry.

L.Reid, Reserve of Officers, Adjutant with rank of Captain, Imperial Yeomanry.

V. Poynter, Reserve of Officers, Imperial Yeomanry. N. E. Money, Imperial Yeomanry.

Compton, Imperial Yeomanry.

Ll. T. E. Llewellyn, Lieut. and Quartermaster British South African Police, North Transvaal.

Llewellyn, 4th Somerset L.L

L. Ward-Jackson, Yorkshire Hussars, to be Lieut. Imperial Yeomanry.

H. Marsh, Oxford University Contingent, Imperial Yeomanry.

Maxwell-Lyte, South African Horse.

Lieut. J. Wheen, 3rd Batt. South Wales Borderers.

G. Adam, Reserve of Officers, Imperial Yeomanry.

2nd Lieut. Hon. C. E. Craven, 2nd Scots Guards.

Major H. Bowles, Yorkshire Regiment, with Lord Roberts. Wounded Feb. 16.

2nd Lieut. H. L.Napier, 4th Batt. Sherwood Foresters.

Hon. G. S. C. Hill, Paget’s Horse.

Capt. C. W. J. J. Goff, 3rd Lane. Regiment, Adjutant.

de Bathe, Roberts’ Horse.

W. Barron, R. G. A.

R. Cholmondeley, Brabant’s Horse.

Lieut. E. R. Adams, Durham Light Infantry.

Feilden, 3rd Durham Light Infantry.

8th June 1900

C. Y. Bathurst Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa.

A.J.Bevan, Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa.

D. Belgrave, Royal West Kent Regiment in South Africa.

28th July 1900

D. S. Gethin, Lieutenant 4th Suffolk Regiment, seconded for service with Remount Department, South Africa.

V. Morgan, Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa.

M. Lindsay, 2nd Lieutenant King’s Royal Rifles, with General Buller, South Africa.

R. Barker, 2nd Lieutenant 4th Royal North Lancashire Regiment, South Africa.

Lieutenant R. E. North, unwounded prisoner after affair of Construction Train, South Africa.

B. O. Mitford, 2nd Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers, prisoner, June 6th, South Africa.


HANCOCK.-On the 13th July, killed in action at Bethlehem, South Africa, Calverley Trevelyan Hancock, of the Imperial Yeomanry and Christ Church, Oxford, second son of Prebendary and Mrs. Hancock of the Priory, Dunster, aged 21.

3rd July 1900

H. Andrews, Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa.

F. Sich, Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa.

22nd November 1900

 R. M. Bourne, Lieut. (Royal Scots) Lothian Regt., to be graded as Staff Captain while engaged on the Transport work, South Africa.

26th February 1901

 The following Officers serving in South Africa have been mentioned in despatches :-

Brevet Major A. J. King, Royal Lanc. Regiment.

Capt. and Adj. E. Streatfeild, Gordon Highlanders.

Lieut.-Col. H. Bowles, Yorkshire Regiment.

Lieut. E. Fraser, 2nd Lanc. Fusiliers (killed).

Lieut. A. T. Beckwith, Hampshire Regiment,. attached to South Lancashire Regiment.

Capt. the Hon. H. Yarde Buller, Rifle Brigade.

The following O.Rs are going out to South Africa or have already gone : R. T. Rye, Munster Fusiliers; H. J. G. Gilmour, G. H. Barnett, G. T. Lee, R. E. Crichton,. 60th Rifles.

30th April 1901


3rd Connaught Rangers.-2nd Lieut. A. C. Gore is seconded for service with Line Battalion in South Africa, to be Lieut.

King’s Royal Rifle Corps (60th Regiment)-2nd Lieutenants G. H. Barnett and G. F. Lee are seconded for service with Mounted Infantry in South Africa.


To BE D.S.O.

Captain Brevet-Major A. J. King, Royal Lancaster Regiment.

Captain the Hon. H. Yarde Buller, Rifle Brigade.

Captain H. R Cholmondeley, Brabant’s Horse.

Captain G. C. Glyn, Rhodesian Regiment.

19th October 1901

 The following O.R.s have recently been wounded in South Africa :-

K.R.R.C. (60th Rifles) – G. T. Lee, severely in both legs.

K.R.R.C. – G. H. Barnett, in right arm.

Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment).-H. R. M. Bourne, slightly in head.

Derbyshire Regt. (Sherwood Foresters) – M. K. Hodgson, slightly in leg (doing duty).

27th February 1902

Royal Warwickshire Regiment.-Lieut. C. B. Benson, seconded for service with M.I. in South Africa.

29th March 1902

Gordon Highlanders.- Capt. E. Streatfeild, D.S.O., retires from service on account of ill-health, receiving gratuity, with permission to retain his rank and wear prescribed uniform.

31st May 1902

Durham L.I.-Lieut. J. W. Jeffreys is seconded for service in South Africa.


Rifle Brigade.-Lieut. G. M. Lindsey for able and fearless leading in Ermelo district on Jan. 26th, 1902.