Letter proposing a War Memorial, 1902

This letter was published in The Radleian magazine in 1902.  The proposed memorial is the earliest group memorial at Radley College.



At a Meeting of Old Radleians held at Radley on July 29th last, under the presidency of Lord Addington, it was decided to establish at Radley a Memorial to the ten ORs who have fallen in the war. Their names are:-

Major-General Sir E. R. P. Woodgate, K.C.B.

Captain A. N. Hood.

Captain E. Streatfeild.

Lieut. Calverley Trevelyan Hancock, Imp. Yeomanry.

Lieut. Harold John Stanton Stanton.

Lieut. George Lockhart Greenshields.

2nd Lieut. the Hon. Archibald Ronald Armadale Macdonald.

2nd Lieut. Eric Fraser.

2nd Lieut. Charles Westrow Hulse.

2nd Lieut. Hugh Robertson.

The general feeling of the Meeting was that the Memorial should take the form of a recording of the names in some monumental or decorative way in the College Chapel. Subject to this expression of opinion the furthering and control of the scheme was entrusted to a Committee of representative Old Radleians of all generations.

The Committee was given full powers and directed, so soon as the amount of money available was ascertained, to form out of itself a smaller committee and in consultation with the Warden decide upon the actual form the Memorial shall take.

A suggestion had been made that the Memorial Scheme should include some separate recognition of the services of Major-General Woodgate, but after discussion the general feeling was that it would be most fitting that no distinctions should be made. It was, however, stated that friends and school-fellows of the late General intend to put a window in the Chapel to his memory.

Subscriptions ranging from £50 to 10s. and amounting to over £250 have already been promised or paid, and the Committee venture to express a hope that no O.R. will refrain from supporting the scheme to the extent of his ability, so that he may share in the tribute of honour and respect and assist to render the Memorial worthy of its subject.

As Hon. Secretary and Treasurer to the Committee I shall be very glad to receive and acknowledge on their behalf subscriptions to the Memorial, and should you wish to assist in the erection of the window to General Woodgate, to forward your donation to the proper quarter.

Yours truly,


RADLEY, Hon. Sec. Radleian Society.

August 1902.

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