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Armistice Day 1919

A drawing of the Cenotaph by Sir Edwin Lutyens, collected in a 1930s autograph book by a boy at Radley

Radley in the Great War. More than 1000 men associated with the school fought in WW1. 235 of them are named on the War Memorial.  Many more suffered life-changing and life-shortening injuries.

25 years later, the next generation took part in D-Day

We will remember them

Francis Cresswell, 1st Bn, Norfolk Regt. kia 24 August 1914

Arthur MacLean, 2nd Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Missing 26 August 1914

Richard Magenis, 3rd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles. kia 17 September 1914

Herbert Gilmour,  3rd Bn, Worcestershire Regt. kia 19 September 1914

Aubrey Barrington-Kennett, 2nd Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. Died of wounds 20 September 1914

Harold Barton, 1st Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers. kia 18 October 1914

Thomas Smith, 1st Bn, Dorsetshire Regt. kia 16 October 1914

Norman Fairlie, 2nd Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. kia 21 October 1914

Alexander Gwyer, 6th Dragoon Guards. kia 22 October 1914

Ralph Fane-Gladwin, 2nd Bn, Scots Guards. Missing, 1st Battle of Ypres, 26 October 1914

Spencer Railston, 4th Bn, Irish Dragoon Guards. kia 30 October 1914

Roger Schunck, Royal West Surrey Regt. kia 30 October 1914

Ian Maxwell. South Wales Borderes. kia  31 October 1914

Gavin Paul, 2nd Dragoon Guards.  31 October 1914

Charles North,  5th Field Cpy, Royal Engineers. kia 1st 1 November 1914

Alexander Lewer, 1/4th Bn, London Regt. Missing 1 November 1914

Hugh Brooksbank, 2nd Bn Yorkshire Regt. Died of wounds 16 December 1914

Leonel Pringle, 1st Bn Highland LI. Died from wounds 19 December 1914

William Douglas-Jones, 33rd Battery, 33rd Brigade, RFA. kia 15 January 1915

Richard Fitzgibbon,128th Pioneers, Indian Army. Died of wounds 4 February 1915

Charles Robertson, 19th Lancers (Fane’s Horse), Indian Army. kia 10 February 1915

Leonard Hardy, 2nd Bn, Worcestershire Regt. kia 11 February 1915

Arthur Lonsdale, 2nd Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers. Died of wounds, 13 March 1915

John Bill, 1st Bn, South Wales Borderers. Died of wounds 28 March 1915

Bernard Job, Royal West Kent Regt. kia 18 April 1915

Hugh Baily, Royal Highlanders of Canada. kia 24 April 1915

Wilfred Dunnington-Jefferson. Royal Fusiliers. kia 25 April 1915

Spencer le Marchant, Royal Fusiliers. Died of wounds, 25 April 1915

William Schreiber, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Died of wounds 4 May 1915

Monty Clarke, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. kia 11 May 1915

Cyril Holland (nee Wilde). RFA. kia 9 May 1915.

Robert Woodward, South Wales Borderers. kia 9 May 1915

John Leslie Johnstone, Ox & Bucks LI. Missing in action, 12 May 1915

Maurice Hodgson, 1st Bn, Sherwood Foresters. Died of wounds 13 May 1915

John Wheen, 1st Bn Liverpool Regt. Missing, presumed kia, 14 May 1915

Augustus Maryon-Wilson, 2nd Australian Light Horse, Australian Imperial Force. kia Gallipoli, 14 May 1915

Henry Rogers, 5th Bn, Manchester Regt. Died of wounds, 26 May 1915

John Hermon-Hodge, 1/4th Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 28 May 1915

Ronald Morkill, RFC. Killed in a flying accident, 23 June 1915

Clifford Whittington-Green, 1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regt. Died of wounds 27 June 1915

Augustus Fitzclarence, 2nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers. kia 28 June 1915

Darell Jeffreys, 1st Bn, Devonshire Regt. kia 11 July 1915

Anthony Slingsby. 1/6th Bn, West Riding Regt. kia 14 July 1915

Cecil Palmer. Lt-Col commanding 9th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regt. kia 26 July 1915

Cyril Knapp-Fisher, 2nd Bn, Yorkshire LI. Died of wounds 31 July 1915

Basil Constable, 1/4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regt. Died of wounds 9 August 1915

Francis York, 9th Bn, West Yorkshire Regt. kia 9 August 1915

Gilbert Holcroft, 2nd Bn, Durham LI. kia 9 August 1915

Robert Wilson, 6th Bn, Loyal North Lancashire Regt. Missing 10 August 1915

Gibert Pige-Leschallas, 7th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers. kia 16 August 1915

Gerald Goldie-Taubman, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died 15 September 1915

Cyril Hayley, 10th Bn, Highland LI. Died 18 September 1915

Richard Dundas, Lt-Col commanding 11th Bn, Royal Scots. Missing 25 September 1915

Arthur Hill,1Bn, Middlesex Regt. Missing 25 September 1915

Arthur Egerton, 5th Bn, Shropshire Light Infantry. Missing 25 September 1915

Maurice Howell, 1st Bn, Royal West Surrey Regt. kia 25 September 1915

Lance Vidal, 2nd Bn, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. Missing 25 September 1915

Harry Woodley in Radley College servitors’ uniform 1911

Basil Hoyle, 9th Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. kia 25 September 1915

Charles Wolseley-Jenkins, 2nd Bn, Rifle Brigade. kia 25 September 1915

Charles King, 2nd Bn, South Staffordshire Regt. kia 25 September 1915

Harry Woodley, 8th Bn, Royal West Surrey Regt. kia 25 September 1915

Ronald Trotter, Royal Berkshire Regt. kia 25 September 1915

Horace Collins, 5th Bn, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. kia 25 September 1915

Llewellyn Nash, 2nd Bn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps. Died of wounds 28 September 1915

Malcolm Gibson, 7th Bn, East Surrey Regt. kia 8 October 1915

Richard Cote, 8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regt. kia 13 October 1915

Arthur Badcock, 6th Bn, Yorkshire LI. kia 14 October 1915

Roland Logan, 5th Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 16 October 1915

George Sedding, 7th Bn, Norfolk Regt. Died of wounds 23 October 1915

Drostan Russell, Northern Rhodesian Rifles, South African Forces. Died on active service 31 October 1915

Henry Napier, 11th Bn, Sherwood Foresters. Wounded and drowned 17 November 1915

Walter Simpson, 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force. kia 1 December 1915

John Douglas, 10th Bn, Yorkshire Regt. Died of wounds 18 December 1915

Gordon Rennie, 6th South African Infrantry. kia 12 February 1916

William Wigan, Royal West Kent Regt. Died of wounds 23 February 1916

Albert Lane-Joynt, Machine Gun Corps. kia 26 February 1916

Geoffrey Graves, 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles. kia 18 March 1916

Mervyn Richardson, 1st Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died of wounds 19 March 1916

Noel Gibbs, East African Mounted Rifles, East African Forces. Killed by a sniper, 19 March 1916

Leslie Inman, Wiltshire Regt. kia 6 April 1916

James Freeman, 29th Sqn, RFC. killed 24 April 1916

Charles Hind, 2nd Bn South Staffordshire Regt. kia 19 May 1916

Charles Ellerton, 10th Bn, Cheshire Regt. kia 19 May 1916

Harold Gore-Brown, Asst Paymaster, HMS Invincible, Royal Navy. Died in the Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916

Thornton Boyd, Princess Patricia’s Canadian LI, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Died of wounds 5 June 1916

Cecil Draper, 1st Bn, Middlesex Regt. kia 17 June 1916

Francis Fane-Gladwin, British Red Cross. Died from illness as a result of his work. 26 June 1916

Maurice Kennard, Lt-Col cmdg 18th Bn West Yorkshire Regt. kia 1 July 1916

Claud Heygate, 10th Bn Yorkshire LI. kia 2 July 1916

Lawrence Westmore, 1st Bn, Hampshire Regt. kia 2 July 1916

Lancelot Curteis,  8th Bn Border Regt. kia 3 July 1916

Duncan Tuck, 3rd Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. Died of wounds 3 July 1916

AH ‘Sam’ Hales, 1st Bn, Wiltshire Regt. kia 5 July 1916

Alfred Cart de Lafontaine, MC.  East Yorkshire Regt. kia 8th July 1916,

Gilbert Whittet, 7th Bn, Royal West Surrey Regt. kia 13 July 1916

Charles Wright, 7th Bn, Leicestershire Regt. kia 14 July 1916

John Mowbray,  41st Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. kia 21 July 1916

Edmund Badcock, 1st Bn, Northamptonshire Regt. kia 22 July 1916

Reginald Settle, 15th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. kia 23 July 1916

Lesley Douglas-Hamilton, Lancashire Fusiliers. kia 24 July 1916

Edwin Mattingley, 1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regt. Missing in action, 27 July 1916

Aubrey Patch, 3rd Bn, Royal Lancaster Regt. kia 18 August 1916

John Robinson, 7th Bn, North Staffordshire Regt. Died of wounds 23 August 1916


Walter Brown, 15th Bn, Australian Imperial Force. kia 27 August 1916

Arthur Clarke, 1st Bn, Northamptonshire Regt. kia 9 September 1916

Richard Brodie-James, 9th Bn, East Lancashire Regt. kia 13 September 1916

Henry Skinner, 1/14th Bn, London Scottish. Died of wounds, 13 September 1916

Vivian Newton, 1st Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died of wounds 15 September 1916

John Bankes-Price, Royal Naval Air Service.  kia 17 September 1916

Ronald Rose-Lloyd, Major, attd. King’s African Rifles. kia 19 September 1916

Lionel Bostock, 3rd Div Signal Company, Canadian Expeditionary Force. kia 20 September 1916

Alfred Benson, RAMC. Killed in the bombing of Scarborough 24 September 1916

Maurice Knatchbull-Hugessen, MC. 2nd Bn, Grenadier Guards. kia 25 September 1916

George Butterworth, MC. 13th Bn, Durham Light Infantry. kia 20 September 1916

Ian Ross-Taylor.  7th Bn, Bedfordshire Regt. kia 25 September 1916


Walter Birch, 6th Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 7 October 1916

John Raikes,  9th Bn, Essex Regt. kia 10 October 1916

William Marshall, 7th Bn, Suffolk Regt. kia 18 October 1916

Arthur Evans. 9th Bn, Essex Regt. kia 18 October 1916

Geoffrey Adams.  9th Bn, Suffolk Regt. kia 1 November 1916

William Hall. Chaplain & Naval Instructor, HMS Venerable, Royal Navy. Died 11 November 1916

Vere Loxley. 1st Bn, Royal Marine LI. kia 13 November 1916

Vivian Fanning. 2nd Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 14 November 1916

Edwin Charrington. 13th Bn, Essex Regt. kia 15 November 1916

Theodore Ionides. 2nd Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. Died of wounds 16 November 1916

Charles Henderson, MC, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.  71st Battery, Royal Field Artillery. kia 17 November 1916

Guy Boddington, 6th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regt. Missing 19 December 1916

John Partington 4th Bn, Devonshire Regt. kia 3 February 1917

John Crichton, Hampshire Regt, attached Royal Engineers. Pneumonia 6 February 1917

Humfrey Cole, Yorkshire Regt. Died of wounds 12 February 1917

Frederick Raikes, South Wales Borderers. kia 22 February 1917

W Rogers, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. Lost in action sometime between March and April 1917

Reginald Henderson, East African Mounted Rifles. Died of wounds 28 March 1917

Maurice Fenwick, 8th Bn, Devonshire Regt. kia 2 April 1917

John O’Beirne, 25th Sqn, RFC. kia 3 April 1917

John Egerton-Leigh. 10th Bn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps. kia 4 April 1917

Rupert Castle-Smith, 15th Bn, Australian Imperial Force. kia 11 April 1917

Claude Hunt, Royal Field Artillery. Died of wounds, 12 April 1917

Lewis Sheppard, RFC. kia 21 April 1917

E Freeman, 7th Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 24 April 1917

Charles MacDowell, Black Watch. Died of wounds 28 April 1917

Barham Middleton, 22nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers. kia 29 April 1917

 John Hayley. 116th Bn, London Regiment, formerly Canadian Expeditionary Force. Died of wounds 30 April 1917

Stephen van der Poel Hiddingh, Royal Fusiliers. kia 3 May 1917

Charles Waddilove, Stretcher bearer, 2/3rd Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. kia 4 May 1917

Alfred Mark-Wardlaw, 9th Bn, Royal Sussex Regt. Died of wounds 14 May 1917

William Lloyd, 40th Bde, Royal Field Artillery. kia 19 May 1917

Charles Wilson, Machine Gun Corps. kia 24 May 1917

Arthur Knapp, Nyasaland Field Force. Died on active service 27 May 1917

Norcliff Gilpin, Royal Defence Corps. Pneumonia 1 June 1917

 Humphrey Arden, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died 6 June 1917

William Gourlay, 5th Bn, Cameron Highlanders. Died of wounds 6 June 1917

Laurence Garnett, Royal Field Artillery. kia 7 June 1917

Eric Lambert. 8th Bn, Yorkshire Regt. kia 7 June 1917

Reginald Hargreaves, 4 Bn Durham LI. Killed on his 21st birthday, on 28 June 1917

Geoffrey Hodgkinson, Royal Field Artillery. kia 24 July 1917

Arthur O’Beirne, Royal Flying Corps. kia 28 July 1917

Walter Jessopp, Machine Gun Corps. kia 31 July 1917

Moseley Woodhouse, 9th Sqn, RNAS. Killed over the coast of Flanders 9 August 1917

Clive Moore, 43rd Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. Missing 15 August 1917

Alick Blyth. Northern Cyclists Bn. kia 23 August 1917

James Wilson, MC. Royal Army Medical Corps. kia 23 August 1917

Maurice Mowbray, MC. 89th Field Company, Royal Engineers. kia 23 August 1917

George Haggie, 9th Bn Yorkshire Regiment. kia 2 October 1917

John Milne, MC. RFC.  Missing 6 October 1917

 John Clark, Royal Garrison Artillery. kia 20 October 1917

Frederick Haden. 11th Trench Mortar Battery, RFA. kia 4 November 1917

George Wilson, Royal Field Artillery. Died of gas poisoning 4 November 1917

 Gilbert Vawdrey, 2nd Bn, Welsh Regt. kia 10 November 1917

John Boswell, E Company, Tank Corps. kia 10 November 1917

W Hermon, 5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment. kia 30 November 1917

Dominic Watson, Somerset LI. kia 3 December 1917

Mervyn Gorringe, New Zealand Expeditionary Force. kia 12 December 1917

William ffolkes, KRRC. kia 30 December 1917

Reginald Hodgson 82nd Brigade, RFA. kia 21 March 1918

John Moore, MC, Cheshire Regt, attached 71st Cpy, Machine Gun Corps. kia 21 March 1918

Horace Stevens, 2nd/4th Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 21 March 1918

Thomas Gibbons, MC, 1st Bn, Hertfordshire Regt. kia 22 March 1918

Donald MacIver, 3rd Bn, South Lancashire Regt. kia 24 March 1918

Walter Glossop, 225th (Kootenay) Bn, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Died 1 April 1918

Cyprian ‘Ben’ Slocock, Ox & Bucks LI. Died of wounds 3 April 1918

Herbert Oldfield, 8th Canadian Infantry Bn, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Died of wounds 6 April 1918

George Bloomfield, 1/6 Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers. 10 April 1918

Hugh Malcolmson, Croix de Guerre. Ambulance Driver, French Red Cross. Killed whilst resuining wounded men 14 April 1918

Edward Balme, MC. 11th Bn, Essex Regt. Died of wounds 22 April 1918

Frank Harston. MC. East Lancashire Regt. kia 22 April 1918

Henry Savory, 3rd Bn, Worcestershire Regt. Died of wounds 26 April 1918

George Coote, 50th Bn, Machine Gun Corps. kia 27 May 1918

Ralph Bell, 98th Sqn, Royal Air Force. kia 27 May 1918

Richard Colborne, Chaplain, 1st Bn, London Regt. Killed whilst bringing in wounded men 28 May 1918

Edward Monson, MC. 331st Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Died of wounds 15 June 1918

Donald Sessions, MC. No 2 School of Aerial Gunnery, RAF. Killed 20 June 1918

James Payne, 1st Bn, Tank Corps (attd), formerly Seaforth Highlanders. kia 8 August 1918

Henry Utterson, DSO. Lt-Col, 15th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers. kia 10 August 1918

Ernest Wood, 1st Bn, North Staffordashire Regt.  kia 20 August 1918

Nicholas van Gruisen, Liverpool Regt. kia 21 August 1918

John Gladstone, 6th Bn, Leicestershire Regt. kia 23 August 1918

George Simpson. Cheshire Regt.. Died of wounds 30 August 1918

Arthur Clegg-Hill, Lt-Col (commanding), 12th Bn Cheshire Regt. kia 18 September 1918

James Carter, 1st Bn, Grenadier Guards. kia 27 September 1918

Alfred Morris, 1st Bn, Grenadier Guards. kia 27 September 1918

Arthur Bruce-Freeman, 2nd Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers. kia 27 September 1918

Arthur Buchanan, 45th Wing, Royal Air Force. Died 14 October 1918

Thomas Babington, Indian Army. Pneumonia 16 October 1918

Ronald MacDonald, Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur. 3rd Bn, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. Pneumonia 17 October 1918

Reginald Loxley, RAF. Pneumonia 18 October 1918

Noel Williams, 1st/5th Bn, South Lancashire Regt (Intelligence Corps). kia 22 October 1918

Geoffrey Smith, MC. 1st Bn, Coldstream Guards. Died of wounds 22 October 1918

Mervyn Northey, 2nd Bn, Royal West Kent Regt. kia 28 October 1918

HR Bradley, 2/4th Bn, Ox & Bucks LI. kia 29 October 1918

Thomas Irwin, 2nd Bn, Sherwood Foresters. Died of wounds 31 October 1918

Desmond Cancellor, MC. 1st Bn, Hampshire Regt. kia 1 November 1918

Robert Browne

Reginald Blackburn, 9th Bn, Bedfordshire Regt. Pneumonia 5 November 1918

Frederick Wells, Horse Transport, Army service Corps. Pneumonia 7 November 1918

Thomas Upton, 1st Bn, Yorkshire LI. kia 8 November 1918

Gervase Alington, MM with bar 17th Bn, London Regt. kia 9 November 1918

Francis Storrs, RN (Intelligence Corps. Pneumonia 10 November 1918

Benjamin Croft, London Regt (Artists Rifles). Killed 10 November 1918

Lt George Willis, killed in a flying accident, 4 January 1919

A drawing of the Cenotaph by Sir Edwin Lutyens, collected in a 1930s autograph book by a boy at Radley

Ten Old Radleians who died after Armistice Day as the direct consequence of military action are recorded on the War Memorial.

The Memorial was dedicated in 1922.


14th November

Ian Mees, E Social 1913. Lt, 48th Sqn, Royal Air Force.. Killed in a flying accident over Salisbury. At Radley he was cox of the VIII. Aged 20

26th November

Walter Paterson, E Social, 1911. 2nd Lt, Royal Field Artillery.. Died in hospital on the Isle of Wight of pneumonia contracted on active service.

At school he was a prefect. Aged 21

23rd December

Mellard Settle, F Social, 1910. Captain, 1/5th Bn, North Staffordshire Regt.. Prisoner of War. Died of influenza contracted in prison before he could be released.

At school he played for the Rugby XV and the Rackets Squad. He joined up in August 1914 and fought throughout the War on the Western Front. He was taken prisoner in March 1918. He died in hospital in Mainz before he could be repatriated. His elder brother, Reginald, was killed flying over German lines in July 1916. Aged 23



4th January

George Willis, E Social 1914. 2nd Lt, 1st Aircraft Supply Depot, Royal Air Force. Killed in a flying accident in France. His mother gave a Bible to Chapel in his memory. Aged 18

13th January

Maurice Bower, Serbian Order of the White Eagle (with Swords), Chevalier of the Order of the redeemer (Greece). C Social 1888. Lt, Motor Transport, Army Service Corps.. Died of illness in the British Military Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. Senior Prefect, Captain of Boats. Farmer in Argentina. Aged 43

10th March

George Robertson, B Social 1899. Lt, Nigeria Regt.. Died of pneumonia contracted on active service

Prefect. After school he went to Trinity College, Oxford – he rowed for Trinity. He then went out to the Straits Settlements and became the Magistrate for the Settlement of Singapore. He served in the Cameroons throughout the War. He died at his family home in Scotland. Aged 34

7th May

Harold Willcocks, Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur. F Social 1904. Major & Adjutant, Royal Military Academy, formerly Royal Field Artillery. Died of septicaemia as a result of gas.

Prefect, Junior Scholar, Mathematical Prize, 1st XI Cricket. Married in 1916. He was awarded the Croix de Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in recognition of his services at Landredes during the retreat from Mons, where he knocked out a German gun at midnight on August 25, an incident described in Lord Ewest Hamilton’s book, “The First Seven Divisions.” He continued to serve in France up to October, 1917, acting as A.D.C. to General Onslow, C.R.A., 2nd Division, from June 15 to August 15, 1915, and being promoted captain in August, 1916, and major (acting) in February, 1917. He was invalided home towards the end of 1917 suffering from the effects of poison gas, and, on recovery, was appointed, in April, 1918, Adjutant at the Royal Military Academy, which post he was occupying at his death.

His name, at that of Godfrey Tuite Dalton, was added to the War Memorial after it was dedicated in 1922. Aged 29

4th June 1919

John Tonson-Rye. F Social 1893. Captain, Motor Transport, Army Service Corps

Originally from Ireland. At school he was a Prefect. After school, he returned to Ireland where he worked as a land agent, becoming a member of the Professional Institute of Land Surveyors. There is no photograph in the War Memorial albums and no obituary beyond a note published on 26th July 1919 that he was among the dead. The Radley Register published in 1962 incorrectly recorded his on 4th June 1918; the 1923 Register says 4th June 1919; the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records 25th May 1919.

He married Clari de la Roche in 1907. They had a son called John, born in 1910, but he was not entered for Radley despite a long family connection.

He is buried at Mazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles. Marseilles was the Base of the Indian troops in France during the 1914-18 war and throughout the War the Royal Navy, the Merchant Navy, British troops and Labour units worked in the port or passed through it. Four of the town cemeteries were used, in the main, for the burial of officers and men of the Commonwealth forces who died at Marseilles.

His shield still hangs in Hall. Aged 39

Shield of JR Tonson-Rye in Radley College Hall

10th July

Mercer Leeb, D Social 1906. Captain, Loyal North Lancashire Regt Died of illness contracted on active service in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq)

He went to Sandhurst and served throughout the War. Aged 26


18th December

Godfrey Tuite-Dalton, E Social 1905. Major, Royal Field Artillery. Died in a London Hospital after a long illness, the result of wounds received in France.

He was a Junior Scholar, the Hall Mathematical Scholar and won the Mathematics Prize. His father campaigned for his name to included on the War Memorial. He died after it was dedicated and so was listed, along with Harold Willcocks, out of sequence at the end. Since then the name of RW Bell has also been added. Aged 32


The dedication ceremony for Radley College War Memorial, 1922

We still remember them