Commemorating the Fallen of WW1

Today we remember …

1st June 1917

Norcliffe Gilpin, G Social 1887. Lt, Royal Defence Corps.  Died of pneumonia at the Military Hospital, Tidworth

He worked as a timber merchant and then as Clerk to London County Council. The Royal Defence Corps was founded in 1916 It was initially formed by converting the (Home Service) Garrison battalions of infantry regiments. Garrison battalions were composed of soldiers either too old or medically unfit for active front-line service; the Home Service status indicated they were unable to be transferred overseas. The role of the corps was to provide troops for security and guard duties inside the United Kingdom; guarding important locations such as ports or bridges. It also provided independent companies for guarding prisoner-of-war camps. The corps was never intended to be employed on overseas service.

Aged 44