Extract from the Oxford Chronicle, June 19th, 1847.

COLLEGE OF ST COLUMBA. – A paragraph appeared in the Warder of Saturday last (copied from the Church and State Gazette) in which it is stated that the Rev. W. Sewell, of Exeter College, Oxford, has taken a house near Abingdon, Berks, within four miles of Oxford, and that ‘St Columba College, with its warden, Mr Singleton, its fellows and whole establishment, is to be forthwith removed to that locality.’ This, we are authorised to state, is not true. The College of St Columba is not concerned in any way with the plans (whatever they may be) which Mr Sewell has in contemplation, nor is it to be moved or removed from Ireland at all. Mr Singleton is not the warden of St Columba College, having resigned from that office a year ago. (Why?) – ‘nor has he or Mr Sewell now any connection whatsoever with the college, which is entirely under the direction and control of his Grace the Primate of Ireland, by whom the present trustees of the College have been appointed.’ Warder