Singleton’s prayer at the foundation of Radley College, 9th June, 1847

A prayer extracted from Bishop Lancelot Andrewes’ Private devotions, with a few alterations and additions, as follows:

Let us kneel down and offer up to Almighty God

An Act of Intercession
for the Catholic Church;
for the Churches throughout the whole world;
that is, for their verity, unity, and stability;
that in all charity may flourish,
and truth be a living principle.

For our Church;
that what is wanting in it may be supplied;
what is unsound, corrected;
that all heresies, schisms, scandals,
as well public as private,
may be removed.

Correct the wandering,
convert the unbelieving,
increase the faith of the Church,
destroy heresies,
expose the crafty enemies,
bruise the violent.

For the Clergy;
and especially for the Bishop of this Diocese;
that they may rightly divide,
that they might rightly walk;
that while they teach others, themselves may learn.

For the people;
that they seek not to be wise above measure;
but may be persuaded by reason,
and yield to the authority of superiors.

For governments;
their stability and peace.
For our Kingdom;
that they may fare well and prosperously,
and be freed from all danger and inconvenience.

For the Queen;
help her now, O Lord,
O Lord, send her now prosperity;
crown her with the array of truth and glory;
speak good things to her heart
for Thy church and People.

For the prudence of her Counsellors;
the equity and integrity of the judges;
the courage of the army;
the temperance of the people,
and their godly simplicity.

For all Universities and Schools;
and, as in this place we are especially required to pray,
for the Universities of Oxford and Dublin;
and for the Colleges of
Exeter, Merton, St Mary Winton,
and St Columba’s in Ireland.

For the rising generation;
and here especially let us pray
for all the little ones of Christ,
who shall be trained up within these walls,
that as they increase in age,
they may also increase in wisdom and in favour
with God and man.

For them that show themselves benevolent,
whether to the Church,
or to the poor and needy;
reward Thou them sevenfold into their bosom;
let their souls dwell at ease;
and their seed inherit the earth;
blessed is he that considereth the needy.

That it may please Thee to reward all out benefactors with eternal blessings.
For the benefits they have bestowed on us upon earth,
let them obtain everlasting rewards in Heaven.
That it may please Thee to behold and relieve
the miseries of the poor and the captives.
That it may please Thee of Thy merciful compassion
to restore the frail lapses of the flesh,
and to strengthen them that are failing.
That it may please Thee graciously to accept
our reasonable service.
That it may please Thee to raise our minds
to heavenly desires.
That it may please Thee to regards us
with the eyes of Thy compassion.
That it may please Thee to enable us
steadfastly and in love
to follow the example of Thy Blessed Apostle St Peter,
and to feed Thy lambs.

That it may please Thee to preserve the souls
of us and our’s
from everlasting damnation.
That it may please Thee to grant unto us,
with those for whom we have prayed,
or for whom we are in any way bound to pray,
and with all the people of God,
an entrance into Thy Kingdom;
there to appear in righteousness,
and to be satisfied with Glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.